Looking for a PC upgrade or migrating to a new operating system but don’t want to suck and see the huge emails associated with your Windows Live Mail?  Exporting things before making changes is commonly known as the backup or restoration. You create a backup copy before you install any new operating system or you are about to install new hardware to the system so that later on, you can reimport the things as it was in the beginning.

Backup Windows Live Mail Account

Backup in the Windows Live Mail involves two processes. First, the backup of the entire emails and second, the backup of the contacts. Keep the following things in your mind, before you begin.

    • You must export the messages to the empty folder.


    • You can’t back up the calendar information along with the email.


    • If you have the Windows Live Mail ID then, contacts will be synced, in the case of non-Windows Live Mail account, you will have to export the contacts manually and reimport it.


    • Don’t forget to back up newly created folders if you are going to use any third-party transfer wizard.


    • .csv shall be used in the case of importing multiple contacts at once, on the other hand, when importing .vcf formats it must be imported one by one.


Follow the steps below to Export or Backup Windows Live Mail:

    • Press the start button and type mail in the search bar.


    • Choose Windows Live Mail.


    • On the top left-hand side, click the file, select Export email followed by Email messages.


    • Choose Microsoft Windows Live Mail as the export format and press next.


    • You must verify that the folder is empty and click browse to locate the location.


    • Click next and select the folders you wish to export. Click next, once you get the confirmation about the export then click finish.


Export Contacts from Windows Live Mail:

    • Open Windows Live Mail.


    • Click Contacts.


    • Click Export on the top of the screen where you see the ribbon menu.


    • If you are about to export multiple contacts, then choose the .csv format, if the contacts are very few then choose .vcf format.


    • Click Browse and choose the location where you want to save these contacts.


    • Click Save once you provide it a name.


    • Click Next and choose the boxes which you might want later on.


    • Click Finish.


If you are unable to backup Windows Live Mail, then call our certified technicians on our toll-free number and get instant solutions for backup your Windows Live Mail account.

How to Backup Windows Live Mail Account

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