Wireless technology really transformed the way we used to interact with devices. Bluetooth is one such successful example of it. When introduced, Bluetooth paved the way for better device connectivity and data sharing. From mobile to mobile to mobile to speaker, Bluetooth technology is surely on the route for making the world “Wireless”.

With Bluetooth, now it is even possible to send command your printer to print. Brother is one of those companies which is making the most of this technology. With Bluetooth enabled Brother Printer, it’s not just easy but quite fun to print anything via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Connectivity Problem with Brother Printer

However, sometimes people face Bluetooth connectivity issues with Brother Printer. Though not a big issue to troubleshoot provided you follow proper steps to get rid of the issue. Let’s know-how the Bluetooth connectivity problem with Brother Printer can be solved.

Steps to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Connectivity Issue with Brother Printer

    • Be it a desktop or laptop; make sure that your device’s printer list has a wireless printer. To do this, go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers. In case it is, simply skip Step 2.


    • If your wireless printer is not listed in “Devices and Printers”, install it on your device. To do this, locate the “Add a Printer” option on the top left corner of the Devices and Printers window and click it. Follow the instruction to complete the installation process.


    • In case your device doesn’t recognize the printer, check whether the printer’s Bluetooth adapter is connected properly. In addition, switch off the printer and to reconnect the adapter and switch on again. Restart your desktop/laptop and try installing the printer again.


    • Changing the location of your printer or device can also help in solving the connectivity issue. Though you are using a wireless connection, sometimes, thick walls or metal objects can cause an interruption in the connection. Try to connect both in the same place or room. If this works, then you just need to identify the object which might be responsible for causing such an issue.


    • If you can see the printer listed on your device but not able to print, update the printer driver. You can go to the Brother Printer’s website and find the “Download” or “Updates” page. Check whether any new driver is available for your printer.


Following the aforementioned steps should solve your Bluetooth connectivity problem with Brother Printer. However, if the problem still persists, you can either call the official customer support of Brother Printer or can contact us for an instant solution. We offer services for all printer related issues no matter the make, manufacturer or model. Our Brother Printer customer care services are available 24/7. So, get in touch with us for a quick and reliable solution.

Bluetooth Connectivity Problem with Brother Printer

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