When you get Canon Printer error code B200 while using your Canon printer; you need to understand that it is a threat for your PrintHead. This needs to get fixed as quickly as possible. This is really not so common, yet Canon printer users are facing it as a challenge while using their printer.

 Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

We have this quick guide for Canon printer users to let understand the meaning of error code B200, its meaning, and solutions to fix it. You can use this guide too.

Error code – B200

Meaning – The PrintHead temperature is not normal

Solution – Learn to fix the Error Code B200 on your Canon printer

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

  • Remove All Cartridges

You are trying to remove all ink cartridge from your Canon printer carefully; this requires you to be careful while removing the individual ink cartridges from your printer. You can easily do it by opening the lid of your printer and waiting for the cartridge cradle to move into the correct position

  • Remove the PrintHead

The PrintHead issue can be fixed by removing and observing your Canon printer’s PrintHead. You can do it easily by simply lifting the orange/gray locking lever on the side of the cartridge cradle and then gently lifting the PrintHead from the printer. This will help you to fix the issues with PrintHead of your Canon printer

  • Reinstall the PrintHead

Once you are done with the observation and cleaning, you need to gently put the PrintHead back into your Canon printer and lock it into position firmly

  • Reinstall All Cartridges

You need to place all of the cartridges back into the printer and close any open lid/doors. This is to assure you that your printer is actively examining the reinstalled cartridges and PrintHead for any issues with them

  • Unplug the Printer

Sometimes it gets stuck with the power supply. In such a case, you need to physically remove your printers plug from the wall and leave it unplugged for at least 5+ minutes. This helps the PrintHead to cool and all residual electricity to leave the printer easily

  • Plug the Printer Back

Plug Your printer back and start it.

  • Do a Nozzle Check or Cleaning Cycle

The Canon printer error code B200 does not tend to occur until your printer actively tries to use the PrintHead; this needs you to use your printer once again So, always make sure that you are following a routine for nozzle cleaning and the cycle carefully

Note – We always recommend keeping a check of your Canon printer and going for a regular maintenance routine to avoid any such issue.

If you are still facing issues with your Canon printer, then you can directly contact Canon printer customer service executives for your solution.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

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