Is your Canon printing machine not working fine? Or Canon printer not responding properly? Well! whatever your issues are we have got your back. Go through with the article till the end and find out the solution.

Canon Printer not Responding Issue

There might be N-Number of reasons but you can keep the following things in your mind.

Tips to fix Canon Printer Not Responding Issue:

  1. Make sure that your printer is connected with the system firmly and is turned on.
  2. In the case of a wireless printer, a wireless connection is required.
  3. Restart the system as well the as printer.
  4. If the problem still continues to be there, go to the control panel. Remove the existing added printers not in use anymore. Make your Canon printer the default printer of your system.
  5. Check the details via printer properties menu. Go to port tab and check the correct port is checked off. If it isn’t, then your printer won’t respond.
  6. Go to the print jobs which are in the queue. Cancel all your print jobs are in the queue. Try to print again.
  7. Try changing another USB port instead of the existing one.

If the issue still continues to be there, then there is something wrong with the printer driver. You will have to install the printer driver from the beginning. Go to the control panel and delete the all existing printers and remove all the printer drivers and support utilities. Restart the printer. Go to the Canon support page and install the Canon printer driver and configure it carefully. Reinstalling the printer driver resolves almost all the issues until there aren’t any hardware issues.

Check the speed of the wireless connection as well. Make sure that the printer is installed nearby the Wi-Fi/router or the network access point. Ethernet connections are considered as more stable as compared to the Wi-Fi connections. Slow network speed or connection can introduce the delay in the process and the printer may not respond properly.

Don’t forget to update the firmware of the printer regularly. Old school firmware may not be compatible with the latest operating system. Hence, the printer may not respond properly.

Perform the diagnostic test to check the printer errors and allow the printer to rectify itself if possible. You always must use the genuine Canon ink cartridges and buy them from the authorised shops and e-commerce websites.

If none of the above works, call certified Canon printer technicians and get instant support for the issues related to your Canon printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer not Responding Issue

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