Are you still willing to continue the same Yahoo Mail account that you created during your college time? Why I’m saying this because I’ve seen people creating email accounts with a strange username and changing it at a later stage.

Imagine you are sending corporate emails or mailing to the potential clients using that funky username [email protected] (example). This is definitely not cool, and coming up with something like [email protected] will certainly make sense. So, the question is – “how can I change my Yahoo Mail address?” You need to create a new Yahoo Mail account. For this, you must use a new username, i.e. you will have a new email address. However, you can keep the current email address and go for a new email address sign-up. Or, if you wish to cancel it, it is possible too.

Cancel the Current Yahoo Account and Register a New One

  • Log-in to your existing Yahoo Mail account, go to the “Options” menu to cancel the account and create a new one. It will lead you to a new pop up page. Here, you will have to choose the “Accounts” button.
  • Right there on the screen, you will see the “Log out” option. Follow the instruction and log out from the account. Close the browser completely.
  • Now open the browser again and go to the log-in page of Yahoo.
  • Click the “Sign-up” button and fill in the all required fields with your name, country, date of birth (birth month, day, and year), postal code, and gender. Register the active mobile number.
  • change yahoo mail address
  • You need to choose a username that has not been used by anyone else.
  • Provide the password and confirm it. Then select two security questions with answers.
  • You need to provide the text code and “Create Account”
  • A verification code will be sent to your new Yahoo ID to confirm the new account
  • Enter the code as per the instruction and confirm the new account.
  • There you go! You can now start using the new Yahoo Mail account.

Did you manage to get a new Yahoo ID? Start using then!

How to Change Yahoo Email Address

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