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Every email service is vulnerable to one or the other problem. Similar is the case with Yahoo Mail. Many Yahoo Mail users have reported facing issues when trying to compose an email in their account. While some are experiencing a sluggish response problem, others are not even able to access the compose email window. There can be numerous causes behind this problem; you can trying fixing this problem by the following methods.

Steps to Fix “Compose Email” Issue in Yahoo Mail Account

First login to login.yahoo.com, then try composing an email from the web browser different from the one you were using currently. If you are able to compose an email, the problem could be with the cookies and cache of your browser. You will need to delete cookies and cache from your web browser. You can find cookies and cache under the history tab.

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compose email in yahoo

  1. If the above method doesn’t fix the problem and if you are using the Firefox browser, you can try starting the browser in the safe mode. Turn off the Use Hardware Acceleration option under Advanced > General. Then try composing mail. It should work.
  2. Check-in case any add-ons or plug-ins might be causing problems operating your Yahoo Mail account. You can check this by disabling each and every add-on and plug-in (one at a time).
  3. Security programs such as firewalls Settings, Antivirus Software, and Internet Security may also cause trouble in certain programs including Yahoo Mail. You can deactivate them to check the issue. If the problem lies there, you can add an exception for the Yahoo Mail program to fix the problem.
  4. Also, make sure that you are using an updated web browser to access your Yahoo Mail account. Updating your operating system is also recommended. Moreover, you also try uninstalling and reinstalling the web browser.

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Unable To Compose an Email from Yahoo Account [FIXED] 2022

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  • February 7, 2020 at 11:22 am


    Composer in my Yahoo is not working. The suggestions given by you, it appears from a para 1, is for FireFox, What about Windows? Should I take the rest of the paras are for windows?



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