Configure Brother Printer

The following tutorial will guide you through the configuration of your Brother Printer. Regardless of the model you purchased, the process of setting up Brother Printer is going to be almost the same. To get started to follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Configure Brother Printer

    • If you have purchased a brand new Brother Printer, unbox the packaging carefully and keep aside the accessories and manual and remove the protective packing and tape from the printer.


    • Remove the paper tray and remove the package containing the ink cartridges placed on top of the tray.


    • If your Brother Printer had come with a CD disk tray, remove it from the pack and place it under the scanner cover located on the right-hand side.


    • Now, plug the printer into a power outlet. You may find a message on the screen of your printer No ink cartridge. So, you will need to insert the ink cartridges into the machine as instructed on the screen. Generally, you will find the slot on the right side of your Brother printer. If even after installing the cartridges, the machine displays Cannot Attach, detach and re-attach the cartridges close the slot.


    • After closing the Ink cartridges cover, you will need to wait for at least 5 minutes till the machine prepares itself for printing.


    • Once it is done, you may get a message on the printer screen to Set paper and press Start. To do so, remove the paper tray and place the paper into the tray. You can adjust the length and width in the paper tray as per the size of the paper. Set the pages into the tray and insert it back into the machine.


    • Next, you will need to press the start button. After you press the start button, the Brother Machine will print a print quality check sheet. The machine may ask you whether the print is OK? Press Yes is it is or press No if it’s not. If the quality is not adequate, simply Press No and follow the on-screen instructions of your printer.


    • Once done, set the date and time by going to Menu > Initial Setup > Date & Time.


    • Now install the printer driver software to your PC from the CD/DVD that you would have got along with your Brother Printer.


In case you are looking to Setup Brother Printer wireless:

    1. Connect the Ac power wire to your Brother Printer and then connect it to an AC power socket. Switch on the machine.


    1. Go to Settings > All Settings > Network > WLAN > Setup Wizard.


  1. When you see the message “Switch Network interface to wireless?” Press Yes. The wireless setup wizard will start. The printer will search for the wireless network and show multiple SSIDs in the result. Select the SSID to which you want to connect. Once the process completed, your machine will read Connected.

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How to Configure Brother Printer?

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