configure imap folders in windows live mail

Windows Live Mail lets you connect your other email accounts via IMAP configuration. IMAP allows a user to keep emails on the server instead of downloading them to your computer. This is useful in case you access your email in two separate ways. For instance, if you have two email setups like Windows Live Mail and Webmail, both programs will know about the emails you have read. Both programs will be having a single Sent Mail folder on the server.

In order to know how to configure IMAP Folders in Windows Live Mail, follow the instructions given below.

Steps to Configure IMAP Folders in Windows Live Mail

Note: Here we have considered that you have already configured Windows Live Mail and Selected IMAP option and not POP.

    1. Open the Windows Live Mail program and click on the Tools option and then on the Accounts option from the Menu.


    1. Now, select the email account which you want to change and click on the Properties. A window will appear on your computer screen.


    1. On the Properties window, go to the IMAP tab and enter Inbox for the Root Folder Path. Check the box next to Check for new messages in all folders. In order to have your Window Live Mail program save copies of sent messages, drafts, deleted messages on the IMAP server, make the following changes:


      • Select the box next to Store special folders on IMAP server. If you don’t select this option, all the drafts, deleted and sent emails will get stored on your hard drive known as Storage Folders by Windows Live Mail.


      • Enter Drafts for the Drafts path.


      • Enter Trash for the Deleted Items path.


      • Enter Sent for the Sent Items path.


      • You can set any name for the Junk path as per your preference.


Note: As the titles – Drafts, Trash, and Sent are case sensitive, make sure you enter them correctly.

    1. Next, click on the OK button and then click on the Close button to get out of the Accounts window. You have successfully configured IMAP folders in Windows Live Mail. You can try sending a test email.


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Configuring IMAP Folders in Windows Live Mail

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