Email is an essential thing for today’s communication world, which has been taken over by internet and e-communication. Electronic communication is, completely different from the conventional post and mails. Forget about the conventional phone calls; the new-age mobile phone, conference call, video call and messaging took over it to the next level.

create new outlook account

If you don’t have an email account, then you should create a new one. Here, Outlook is a wonderful choice to start your first email account. Being the first one to offer the email service and a product of tech-giant Microsoft corp. makes it the best choice for email.

Since you are new and for the individual who is new and struggling to create a new Outlook account; we have this quick and easy-to-learn guide. This will help you to create your own account easily. This is a step by step instruction guide; so you can easily get then done.

Before you move to create a new account with Outlook; you have to be ready with certain information, which will help you to get the process done easily.

  • A username; unique and never used before
  • A password; complicated yet easy to memorize
  • Your personal details and other information
  • Your mobile number for verification and account recovery

Steps to Create a New Outlook Account

  • The first, in order to create an account with Outlook, is, simply go to the Microsoft account sign-up page or click on this link
  • After that, you need to click on No account? Create one option from here
  • Now, you need to enter your information here by filling out the form and create a password for your account
  • You can use the Use your email instead, Use a phone number instead, and Get a new email address links to change how you sign up as per your choice
  • After that, click on the Next button
  • That’s all; your account will be created after confirmation
  • Make sure you are correctly answering the security question and using your correct mobile number for recovery

After creating your account; you should sign in once again and start using it. In fact, you can try by sending a test mail to some of your friends or family.

If you are unable to sign up outlook account or unable to create a new outlook account, then don’t worry, you can follow the above steps or if you need any other technical assistance then you can call outlook customer support service phone number for the instant support.

How to Create New Outlook Account

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