Without the required printer drivers, you won’t be able to complete any print job smoothly. Without having the appropriate driver, the print job may be delayed or failed. This tiny article will help you with the installation and upgradations of the Brother printer driver.

Download and Update Brother Printer driver

To download the appropriate driver, you just need to make sure that you are aware of your printer model. It is usually written on the printer or the invoice/warranty card. However, if you have the latest version of the Windows operating system and a stable network then the driver will be installed automatically. All you need to do is, simply connect your Brother printer to your Windows system via USB. Windows 10 will start the installation automatically. You can perform the basic print jobs but for the advanced print job, you will need a specific program. Follow the steps below:

Before you begin, make sure that the following things have been taken care of.

    • Remove any previously added printer drivers and the supported programs & tools.


    • The Brother printer is well connected to the Windows system.


    • In the case of the wireless printer, a wireless connection will be required for the printer.


    • There are enough papers in the supply tray.


    • The printer is equipped with genuine ink cartridges.


Steps to Download and Update Brother Printer Driver for Windows

If you have received a digital media in the form of a compact disk (CD-ROM) then insert it into the cd drive of the system. If cd drive isn’t available, then you will have to download the driver from the Brother Solution Centre via the internet.

    1. Visit www.brother.com


    1. Click software download.


    1. Under U.S.A. click Printers/Fax Machine/ DCPs, Multi-Functions.


    1. Choose your appropriate region. For example, choose the United States.


    1. Click on Product


    1. Type the model of your Brother.


    1. Choose your Windows operating system.


    1. Download the Brother Printer driver.


    1. Double-click on the downloaded


    1. Now, follow the on-screen instructions carefully.


    1. Don’t forget to check the box, check for updates


    1. It may take several minutes to install all the necessary tools & packages.


    1. Once completed, you can command a print job to confirm all the things are in order.


If you get an error, make sure that all the wires are connected firmly. Follow the steps from the beginning. Attentively, Contact Brother printer customer care technicians to get instant support for download brother printer drivers on our toll-free helpline phone number.

How to Download and Update Brother Printer Driver for Windows

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