Got a new Epson printer! Go ahead and start printing. Before you get started, you must remember that it is mandatory to install the appropriate printer driver for an efficient print experience. Although some of the latest Windows systems download Epson printer driver automatically you need a proper Epson print utility to perform some advanced task like scan or fax or high-resolution image printing.

download Epson printer driver for windows
Before you begin, make sure that you have kept the following things in your mind.

    • Your Epson printer is connected to the system firmly and is turned on.


    • There are sufficient papers in the supply tray and ink in the ink cartridges.


    • A fast and stable network or wireless connection is required.


    • You are aware of the exact model number of your Epson printer.


Caution: Remove the existing printer driver and the supported utility right away. Restart the system.

Steps to Download and Update Epson Printer Driver for Windows:


    • Choose the appropriate region and country.


    • Go to the support tab and choose Printers.


    • Under the tab search by product name, type the exact model number slowly and select the correct one from the search results.


    • Epson website will automatically detect your operating system.



    • An executable file will be downloaded. Double click on it or run it as an administrator.


    • During the installation, make sure that the printer is well connected to the system and turned on.


    • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation.


    • You may be asked to complete some print and scan job, do it as it asks.


    • Click Done to finish.


Epson also provide cloud printing services, you will have to register your printer and create an account for it. Some of the Windows 10 systems require a print APP like Epson Print and Scan to work smoothly and efficiently. You can also install a similar app on your Smartphone to perform print on the go experience. For cloud prints, you will have to ensure a proper network connection to the printer. It has been noticed that cloud printing consumes a lot of ink as compared to the traditional printing especially if you are performing a high-resolution image print job.

Go through the user manual carefully or call our certified experts on our toll-free number to get the instant solution for download Epson Printer Driver for Windows.

How to Download and Update Epson Printer Driver for Windows

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