We think that our Outlook account is protected and safe with the conventional password. Sadly, this is not true; we need to understand that a password is not enough to give your account complete security. This is needed when you can see the increasing number of hacking and account compromising incidents daily.

two-step verification in outlook

You don’t want to get your safety and security get hamper. This is when you have some important and personal information there. In that case, you should think of increasing security. Outlook understands the need for a better security system and this is the reason that they introduced Two-Step Verification in Outlook for its users.

What is Two-Step Verification security?

The Two-Step Verification is the advanced security system for the Outlook email account. This helps to protect your account by making it more difficult for anyone else signing in to your Outlook account. Once you enable this security feature; the password is not the only thing to get into your account.

How does Two-Step Verification work?

When an Outlook account user enables this security; there would be two different passwords to unlock it. First, is your conventional password which you need to use while signing-in; another is the security code generated instantly and delivered to your registered mobile number.

So, when you sign in using the email address and password, then you need to enter the security code send to your mobile number. Now, your password is useless until someone has your mobile access too; in order to get in.

Outlook mail users can update and enable this security feature using this step by step guide given here. All you need to do is, simply sign in to your account and get in.

 How to Enable Two-Step Verification in Outlook

  • The first step is to go to the Security basics page or use the link https://account.microsoft.com/security, and sign in with your Outlook account
  • Here, you need to choose More Security Options
  • Now, from the Two-step verification section, select Set up two-step verification to enable it for your account
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to set up it
  • Once you verify your mobile number, you can get the Two-step verification security settings afterward

Note – A better security is to keep your account protected and of course this could be easily possible with this extra layer of security with Two-Step verification.

If you need to secure your MS Outlook email account then you can set up two-step verification in Outlook by following the above steps, or you can also dial Outlook customer care phone number for the help.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification in Outlook

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