Epson printers are known for amazing print quality and durability with their printers. You can find brilliant printing with Epson printers. This will last for years, here you can rely on this for trouble-free printing and uses, yet there is something with the technical glitches which you can’t avoid.

Fix Epson Printer Error Codes

There are some common errors which you will find while using your Epson printer. Although the occurrence is not that frequent, yet you might any of these errors while using it. Here we have listed the common Epson Printer Error Codes and their respective solution. All you need is to follow the instructions after identifying the error and get it fixed.

Common Epson Printer Error Codes With Solution:

  1.  Error Code – W05/I-01

Solution – Paper is out or multiple pages loaded, need to load paper in paper feeder sheet carefully once again

  1. Error Code – W02/W03

Solution – Paper got jammed, carefully removed the jammed paper and then restart the printer

  1. Error Code – W04

Solution – The cartridge cover is open; close it and then press the start button for printing

  1. Error Code – W10/W11/W13/W41

Solution – Either, the ink cartridge has been installed incorrectly or it got expended; you need to replace it with a new one and install it once again with proper manner

  1. Error Code – W12

Solution – The ink cartridge cannot recognize properly; you need to get the branded and compatible ink cartridge

  1. Error Code – I-11

Solution – The memory card is missing; you need to install a memory card in it

  1. Error Code – W30/W31

Solution – The installed memory card is either incorrect or not supported or it doesn’t have the compatible photos; need to fulfill the criteria with a new memory card

  1. Error Code – I-50

Solution – The index sheet hasn’t placed properly on the scanner glass; you need to replace it with the given mark for placement

  1. Error Code – I-51/I-52

Solution – No photos are selected on your index sheet; you need to place it carefully on the given marks

  1. Error Code – W01/E10

Solution – The part of your Epson printer is over with their service life, you need to contact nearest Epson service center

  1. Error Code – E02

Solution – There is some issue with your Epson printer; you need to immediately turn it off and then turn it on once again; if this won’t work the contact nearest Epson service center

  1. Error Code – E01

Solution – There could be some paper pieces jammed in your printer, turn it off and then turn it on once again after clearing the paper jammed. If needed, you can contact the nearest Epson service center

Note – If you follow a regular maintenance routine, then you will find any issues with it. You can fix most of the issues easily; still, you have all the privilege to contact Epson service center.

If your Epson printer is not working properly or you are facing Epson printer error codes, then you can troubleshoot your Epson printer or you can contact Epson printer customer service for an instant solution to your problem.

How to Fix Epson Printer Error Codes

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  • March 28, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    I have epson xp-800 with a 0x9a code can you deal with this? And what do you charge.


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