Getting problem with your Epson printer? Or Epson printer isn’t able to recognize the ink cartridges installed? Well! Don’t worry as we have got the fix for you.

Epson Printer Ink Cartridges Error
Before you get started, remember the following things as listed as below.

    • Make sure that you use only Epson genuine ink cartridges as it will give your printer a longer life and increase the efficiency. Duplicate or filled cartridges can damage your printer and warranty will be void.


    • The printer is turned on and connected to the s


    • Ensure sufficient amount of papers in the supply tray.


    • Network connection is mandatory for the wireless printer.


If you encounter an error that your printer can’t recognise the ink cartridges, it means there is a problem with the ink cartridges or with the printer recognition system. It will turn the light as red commonly used for the ink cartridges errors in the Epson printer. It is recommended that you go through with the user manual with your Epson printer and learn about the light indicators. You can also be notified via message on the LCD of the printer. If your printer doesn’t have any LCD monitor, then it can be checked via status monitor with the help of the Epson printer.

Follow the Steps to Fix Epson Printer Ink Cartridges Error

    • Remove the ink cartridges and be careful when you handle it as it may leak some ink through the ink supply port.


    • Never displace the rollers by your hands as it may damage the printers.


    • Once you get the cartridges clean it with the help of a cotton or kitchen roll or via alcohol. Clean the cartridges chip gently and make sure that you don’t damage it.


    • Make sure that all the cartridges are in the correct slot. Follow the coloured indication to insert the cartridges in the appropriate way.


    • Make sure that the cartridges are compatible with your Epson printer. Go through with the user manual or confirm from the dealer about the same.


    • You must do not leave the printer without the ink cartridges for too much time as ink may dry on the print head causing printing issues.


    • Make sure that the plastic at the bottom of the cartridges has been pierced. If not, then use a knife to remove it.


  • If the problem still continues, then turn on the printer and remove the unrecognised cartridges. Turn off the printer and wait for the 10 minutes. Turn on the printer. Install the cartridges back in. If the problem doesn’t resolve, then you will have to replace the ink cartridges.

If replacing the ink-cartridges doesn’t solve the purpose, then there is something wrong with the printer. Call certified technicians on toll-free Epson Printer Customer Care helpline number and get the instant support.

How to Fix Epson Printer not Recognize Ink Cartridges Error?

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