Canon printer is a wonderful printer which you can use printing for home and official purpose. The durability and better printing quality are the key features of your Canon printer, which makes it better than others. Canon printer users don’t find much of issues with it, yet there are some common issues have been observed.

We have listed those common Canon printer error codes with their descriptions and solutions too. You can also fix these issues with help of this quick guide.

Canon Printer Error Codes

Here we have a list of some basic Canon printer error codes such as –

Error Code – E 16, Error Code – U162, Error Code – U163, Error Code – 1686, Error Code – 1688, Error Code – E14, Error Code – E15, Error Code – 1487, Error Code – 1486, Error Code – U075, Error Code – U076, Error Code – B200, Error Code – 5011, Error Code – 306, Error Code – 5100, Error Code – 5200, Error Code – 5400, Error Code – 5700, Error Code – 6000, Error Code – 6A00, Error Code – 6A80, Error Code – 6C10, Error Code – 1682, Error Code – 1684, Error Code – 6C10.

Some Major Canon Printer Error Codes with Solution:

    • Error Code – E 02

Description – The printer is out of paper
Solution – You need to load the paper carefully in the paper tray

    • Error Code – E 03

Description – Paper Jam issue with your Canon printer
Solution – Turn off the printer and then remove the paper carefully

    • Error Code – E 04

Description – the FINE cartridge is not installed properly
Solution – You need to turn off the printer, uninstall the FINE cartridge and then place it properly

    •  Error Code – E 05

Description – Appropriate FINE Cartridge is not installed properly
Solution – Install the appropriate FINE cartridge after uninstalling the previous one

    • Error Code – E 06

Description – The paper output cover is open
Solution – There is need to close the paper output cover properly

    • Error Code – E 07

Description – The FINE cartridge is not installed on the correct position
Solution – Immediately place each FINE cartridge on the correct position

    • Error Code – E 08

Description – Ink absorber is full, the ink will spill out
Solution – You can fix it by pressing the Black/Color button to continue printing, or make sure to change the ink observer to avoid any further ink spillage

    • Error Code – E 10

Description – The paper loaded in the printer is not compatible with duplex printing
Solution – The paper size for duplex printing is A4 and letter, always use the same size for duplex printing

    • Error Code – E 12

Description – Your Canon printer won’t print on CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM
Solution – When you want to take print on CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM and confirm the same message on your screen. Also, make sure that you are using genuine Canon FINE cartridges in your Canon printer

    • Error Code – E 13

Description – The remaining ink is not able to print anymore
Solution – You need to replace the old ink cartridge with a new one

    • Error Code – E 17

Description – The front tray of your Canon printer is closed
Solution – Immediately open the front tray of your printer

If your issue is not resolved then you can contact Canon Printer Customer Service experts to fix Error codes.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Codes

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