Fix Canon Printer Peripherals Issue

Is your Canon printer acting funny? Or are you pissed off with your Canon printer? If you are also in one of those who have been aspiring for their Canon printer, this is the right place for you guys.

Most of the users especially the new users have been reporting that they are unable to install a printer or unable to install the ink cartridges etc. On top of that, they are basically unable to troubleshoot real-time errors and issues as well.

However, most of the issues related to your printer can be resolved by installing the printer driver correctly. If in the case, printer driver has been installed perfectly fine and still the printer is acting funny then, it might be peripheral issues. These issues are related to the hardware of the printer. Problems related to the motherboard, chip-level, replacement of ink cartridges/toner, printer cleaning, printer maintenance, printer parts are generally considered as a peripheral issue.

You must consult these issues with the experts or contact the dealer from where you bought the printer. Never try to open or troubleshoot the Canon printer peripheral issues on your own as it may damage the printer and the warranty will be void.

Let’s discuss some of the common Canon Printer Peripherals Issue and their solutions

    • Printer too slow


    • Ink/Toner cost very high


    • Windows system is forwarding print jobs to the wrong printer.


    • Prints are very light, spotty and have lines horizontally


    • Printer lies as there isn’t any ink in the cartridges.


    • Wireless printer is very slow


If the Canon printer is too slow then you must reduce the print quality for the normal print jobs where the very high-quality print isn’t required. You must understand that unbranded ink/toner/cartridges are cheap but aren’t suitable for your Canon printer as it may damage the printer entirely. You must always use the original ink toner and cartridges instead of the refill or unbranded cartridges.

If the prints are jobs are going to a wrong printer then go to the settings of the system via control panel and choose the desired default printer and try again. Clean the print head if required. If you don’t see faded print or very light print. Don’t clean the print head as it requires ink which will be a waste of money again. To get rid of the spotty prints, you must install the Canon printer utility from the Canon printer support page. On the other hand, if the Canon wireless printer is very slow then you must remember that speed slows down with the distance. Keep your Canon printer as near as the Wi-Fi router.

If the problem persists then immediately call the dealer or call Canon printer customer care helpline phone number.

Fix Canon Printer Peripherals Issue

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