Faded printouts ruin all the hard work you put in designing and typing any project. They become the cause of embarrassment in an important meeting. So, here are some possible reasons that can cause faint or faded printouts. Along with reasons, the best possible solutions are also listed to make your Epson printer give crisp and clear printouts.

Fix Faded Printouts with Epson Printer

Steps to Fix Faded Printouts Issue with Epson Printer

Reason: Low Ink/Toner left in the cartridge.

Solution: This is the most common and first reason that comes to everybody’s mind after seeing the faded printout. We say the ink is low. And, in most cases, it is the reason indeed. If the LCD panel or the Epson status monitor indicates low toner, replace it carefully. In case you are using a Laser printer, you can give the toner a shake for a few more printouts. Hold the cartridge with both hands and shake it up and down and side by side. Use an Epson recommended toner for best quality printouts.

Reason: Printing paper must be damp or moist.

The place where the printer is kept must have got a low humidity.

Solution: Store both paper and printer in a dry environment. Ink takes a long time to dry in a humid environment so the print looks light.

Reason: The toner saves mode is ON.

Solution: If the toner save mode is on, the printer will use less ink to print the documents resulting in faded printouts. Turn OFF the toner save mode through printer driver settings.

Reason: The issue with the photoconductor unit.

Solution: Replace the photoconductor following the user manual. Steps are also available on the official support forum of Epson printers.

Reason: Dirty Print head.

Solution: If the print head is dirty or clogged, it will cause faded printouts. Clean the print head carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions in the user guide. Many printers offer automatic head cleaning utilities, you just need to give the command. Look if it is available in your model. Else, use a clean and damp cloth to wipe the print head from front to back. Never wipe it side by side. Let it dry completely before reinstalling.

If you think that carrying out any of these solutions personally is not a good idea, consult a professional. The official Epson printer customer support service helpdesk offers solutions to various basic issues. You can visit the website and find a solution. Consulting any other tech support help is also useful if you are getting instant assistance.

How to Fix Faded Printouts Issue with Epson Printer

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