The multinational giant from Japan is ruling the world of imaging and optical products; we all know the name Canon. Canon printer is the leading company in printers and peripherals. The commitment from Canon comes with its product quality and services. This is really better than with any other competing company.

Fix Installation Error with Canon Printer

When you think of buying a printer; Canon has a wide range to fulfill your needs. You can get a range of printers with Canon. They have b/w printers, color printer, laser printers, All-In-one printers, and more options. You can get a new printer and start printing. Before you take your first print, you need to install your printer with your computer.

When you are trying to install the Canon printer to your computer, but got some error. Printer installation errors are quite common. In fact, if you are going to install a canon printer on some other computer; you could get an installation error.

How to fix installation error with Canon printer?

Before we, find the solution to fix this error, we need to understand the reason or possible causes. Why such error occurred?

Reasons for installation error with Canon printer

    • The driver for the printer is configured faulty or incorrectly


    • The driver is not compatible with your printer or Windows


    • The entry of driver in the Windows registry is incorrect


    • The printer driver files got corrupted or infected by some malware


When you get an error while installing a canon printer on your computer; there must of any of these reasons. You can easily fix it on your own. The first thing you need to check after the installation error is, your printer should be compatible with your computer and operating system. The minimum system configuration should match with your computer system. Once you are done with checking the technical aspects; you need to move to a driver or printer’s software.

Your driver should be the latest version and compatible with your Windows OS. You can also download the latest version from Canon’s official website; you should avoid downloading it from any third party website. Once you will get the latest driver; connect your printer and switch it on. And then, you need to follow these steps to install your printer’s driver.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Easily:

    • First, connect the printer connected with the computer and then open the Control Panel


    • From the Control Panel, you need to double-click on the Printers or Printers and Fax icon


    • From the Printers window, simply click on the Add a printer icon


    • After following the above steps, you will get the Windows Printer Wizard, then click on Next button to start the wizard


    • After that, you have the option of installing a Local or Network printer. You can select as per your need and then click on Next button


    • If your Windows does not find a Driver, browse the printer’s driver location from your local hard disk


    • Then click on it and follow the on-screen instructions


    • This will fix the error of printer installation


If you have any issues with the installation of canon printer, Contact Canon Printer customer Support and service team for help.

How to Fix Installation Error with Canon Printer

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