Getting Windows Live Mail Server error is quite a frustrating experience indeed. Most of the errors can be resolved but some exceptions are also there.

Windows Error 3219 or 0xde00005 is an old issue and hasn’t been solved yet. If you are one of those aspiring for the Windows Live Mail Server Error, then you are at the very right place.

Most of the Windows Live Mail Errors are fixed by reconfiguring the account. Follow the steps below and update the same in your Windows Live Mail account.

fix Windows live mail server error

Steps to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Error:

    • Open Windows Live Mail and sign-in your account.


    • Click on Account Locate the + symbol and click on it.


    • Provide your complete Windows Live Mail email address, password, and the display name.


    • Choose Manually Configure Server Settings.


    • Under the incoming server information, choose IMAP.


    • In the server address field, type and in the port 993


    • Check the box as Requires a secure connection SSL.


    • Now, navigate to the outgoing server information.


    • In the server address, field type and port must be updated as 587


    • Check again the box as Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication.


    • Tap or click Next.


Now, you have successfully added a new account which you confirm at the left-hand side of the screen. If you have important messages, then drag and drop to the respective folders. Once you are done then remove the previous account and restart the system.

Now you must not encounter any of the Windows Live Mail Server Error. It might be possible that there are some other factors causing errors.

    • Make sure that you have an active, fast and stable network connection.


    • Avoid using applications that require very high-bandwidth.


    • Update the Windows Live Mail to the latest version


    • Make sure your system gets updated automatically and installs updates on a regular basis.


    • Firewall, VPN software, and other antivirus program has the tendency to restrict the network traffic. Therefore, disable them and try again with your Windows Live Mail.


There are some third-party tools available by which you can get rid of the Windows Live Mail Server Errors but recognizing the genuine one is no picnic. On top of that, these tools may harm your computer and may invite the reinstallation of the entire Windows Operating System.

If none of the above works, then feel free to get in touch with our certified technicians on our toll-free helpline number and get the instant response along with the prompt solutions for any type of Windows Live Mail Server Error.

How to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Error?

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