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File attachment is an amazing feature in Gmail. Users can send their photos, files, and videos via Gmail to other users. If you have got something to share with friends or some important corporate files to send across to the client, it is wise to know the Gmail attachment limit before adding attachments. In this article, we will be covering 3 (three) important ways to add attachments in Gmail.

  • #1 Computer
  • #2 Android
  • #3 iPhone & iPad

#1 How to Attach a File in Computer From Gmail?

  • Go to Gmail (on your computer)
  • Look for ‘Compose’ on top-left
  • You will see the ‘attach icon’ next to ‘Formatting Options’
  • Now, you need to select the files that you wish to send
  • Click the ‘Open’ option
  • That’s it! The file will be attached

Note: If you have got an image to upload/ attach, simply drag and drop into the compose window.

Maximum Attachment Size Limit in Gmail –

The maximum size of the attachment is 25 MB. Gmail has barred users from adding attachments exceeding the said limit. If the attachment size is more than 25 MB, Google Mail will automatically add a “Google Drive link in the email”. It won’t include it as an attachment. Even if you remove the attachment from the drive, your recipient will be able to open the file.

#2 How to Attach a File in Android From Gmail?

  • On your Android device, click the Gmail App
  • Tap ‘Compose
  • Do you see the ‘Attach’ option? Click it
  • Tap ‘Insert from Drive’ or ‘Attach file
  • There you go! You will be able to attach the file easily

Note: ZIP file needs a file manager from Google Play before you can attach them.

Attachment Size Limit in Android–

  • Non-Gmail account: 25 MB (depends on email provider)
  • Gmail account: 20 MB
  • Got larger attachments? Consider inserting Google Drive

#3 How to Attach a File on iPhone & iPad From Gmail?

If you are an iPad or iPhone user, the following steps are exclusively for you. Check them out –

  • Unlock your device, open the Gmail app
  • Tap the ‘Compose’ icon and then ‘Attach’ (similar steps as Android)
  • Now, select the file that you want to attach/ upload

Note: To select an image and attach it, tap it > Send as attachment. (Gmail will insert the image into your message text as you select it)

What is the Attachment Size Limit on iPhone/ iPad?

The maximum size of the attachment on the iPhone or iPad is 25 MB. If the attachment size is more than 25 MB, you need to add a “Google Drive link in the email”.

If you are looking for further help with your Gmail account. You can contact the Gmail customer support service to fix your Gmail related issues.

Know Maximum Gmail Attachment Size Limit Before Sending One

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