Security is a major concern, while using the Yahoo email account, because you may use it for paying bills, banking, and shopping purposes. The hackers are a threat to account security as they keep an eye over any loopholes and sudden attacks.

Important Steps for Maintaining Yahoo Security

Steps to Setup Yahoo Mail Account Security

How do you know about the hacker’s attack?

  • When you are not getting emails at all!
  • When people in your contact start receiving spam mail from your account without your consent!
  • Your password, security questions, and recovery options are modified unknowingly.
  • You acknowledge remote activity on your account

How can you secure your Yahoo account?

Enhance Yahoo security with Two-step verification or account key

  • You add account key, such that you receive a notification on the cell phone before logging in to the account.
  • Through Two-step verification, you receive an alert if the account is modified from an unknown location or device.

Update recovery information plus password

Make sure that your Yahoo account is only accessed by you and nobody else.

  • Try a strong password – Password that is hard to figure out by hackers.
  • Secure yahoo account – by modifying the password ASAP.
  • Modify recovery info – Write an updated cell number plus alternate mail id for increasing security.

Check out your mail settings to notice any change and update

Check with the access settings by pressing the settings icon of Yahoo Mail on the top right side.

  • Response to Vacation
  • Signature
  • Filters
  • Auto-forwarding
  • Sending of name
  • Reply-to address
  • Blocked addresses

In case of missing emails or contacts, you can submit a request for email or contact restoration.

Have difficulty in securing your Yahoo account? Call Yahoo Mail support services!

Are you having difficulty in securing a yahoo account? Then you must call toll-free Yahoo Mail customer care service for help. You may get a delayed or instant response on the basis of traffic. However, you cannot be sure about the kind of satisfaction you acquire from the received answer.

Fast services by third party Yahoo Mail support center!

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What are the Important Steps for Maintaining Yahoo Security?

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