low quality printing problem in canon printer

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the print that you are getting with your Canon printer, don’t curse your printer. Might be the problem is with its setting. Adjusting printer’s setting and making some tweaks here and there may help you what you are expecting from your printer. But what are the changes that should be made? To get an answer to this question, read the following suggestions that will surely help you get the most of your Canon Printer.

Steps to Get High-Quality Prints from Canon Printer

    1. Firstly, make sure you are choosing the right print size. This is important as your computer and printer are machines. They do what you command them to do. So, in order to get quality prints, you need to know about certain aspects of pixels and resolution. For a sharp quality print, you need to have a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch).


    1. To figure the dpi math, suppose your photo is of 3000 by 6000 pixels. Dividing the dimension by 300 and we get 10 by 20. This means that if you can print a photo of 10×20 inches with quality. But remember, this is just one aspect, there plenty of other factors that affect the print quality.


    1. Apart from the above, choosing the right paper also helps in improving the quality of print. So, always go for quality print paper for a quality result.


    1. It is suggested that you always use manufacturer’s ink when refilling. A Printer is a delicate machine and requires proper care and maintenance. So, feeding it anything may cause unstable results in printing. Therefore, it is best to refill it with the manufacturer’s ink only.


    1. Whenever you are going for printing, double-check every important setting. Also, check whether the papers are loaded properly, does the setting of your printer matches the quality of paper you are using, and check if in case papers are flipped.


    1. Regular maintenance and service of your printer is another aspect which much neglect and later curse printer for low-quality output. Therefore it is suggested to get your printer clean in every two months. Avoid keeping the printer unused for more than a week. Even if you don’t need to print, it is best to print something, so that the printing nozzles don’t stick up due to not being used for long.


So, these are some of the tips and tricks that can help solve low-quality printing problem in Canon Printer quickly. In case you still are not satisfied with the result after performing the above action, it is better to seek help from experts. And, when we say expert, it means us!

Our experienced team of professionals possess the immense knowledge, be it related to software or the hardware, they know exactly how to keep your printer related issues at bay. Our experts are available round the clock, so feel free to get in touch with Canon Printer customer support and service toll-free phone number anytime for any issues related to your printers.

Low-Quality Printing Problem With Solution in Canon Printer

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