In order to make it easier for users to organize their emails, Gmail comes integrated with an amazing feature known as Labels. Gmail Labels are like tags on a blog post. Unlike a folder-based system where each message or attachment is stored in a single folder, Labels allows you to easily access and sort through related information. You can apply multiple labels to an email, allowing you to have multiple references to an email. To know how to use and manage labels in Gmail, follow the information provided below.

Guide to Manage Labels in Gmail

1.) Sign in to your Gmail account and select the empty checkbox located next to any conversation you wish to label or change labels on.

To Add a New Label

2.)  Click on the “Labels” option located next to More options in the toolbar section. A drop-down menu will appear.

3.) From the drop-down menu, you can either use the default labels provided such as Call Log, Personal, Receipts, SMS, etc. or you can create a new by clicking on the Create new option.

4.) Clicking on the Create new option will open a dialog box where you will be asked to enter a new label name. Enter a suitable title for the label and select Nest label under checkbox if you wish to nest the label under any other label.

5.) After that, click on the Create button. A new label will get created in your Gmail account. The label will appear on the left-hand side panel where all your Gmail folders appear.

To Edit or Remove Labels

6.) If you ever wish to remove labels from an email in the future, select a labeled conversation and click on the Labels option located in the upper toolbar section.

7.) Deselect the checkbox next to the label you applied for the selected conversation and click on the Apply button. The selected conversation will be cleared from the deselected label.

8.) Similarly, if you wish to edit the labels, simply deselect the label you don’t want to tag for the conversation and select or create a new label for the conversation.

To Manage Labels

While it is easy to manage labels when you don’t have a lot of them configured for your emails, however, if you have a lot of labels to manage, you can follow these steps.

9.) In your Gmail account, click on the Gear icon located at the top-right corner of the screen. Select the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen.

10.) In the Settings page, click on the Labels tab to open the various options available under it. From here, you can easily make changes and manage Labels settings as per your preference.

So, this is how you can create, use, and manage labels in your Gmail account.

By following the above steps you can manage labels in the Gmail account easily or if you need any technical help then you can call Gmail Customer Service Phone Number for instant support.


How to Manage Labels in Gmail

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