Are you still getting emails from a blocked contact? Don’t worry! We have the solution for you; just keep following the article till the end.

Stop Receiving Email from Blocked Email Address in Yahoo

If this is the case with you then it might be possible that the filters you created earlier aren’t working properly.  You must look closely at the emails you are getting; sometimes senders simply change their email address slightly and manage the way to your inbox. Verify the domain address if it is common then block the entire domain address instead of a sender.

On the other hand, it might be possible that you are using a third-party email client to access your Yahoo account. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the email client. If in the case you have switched your system or have upgraded from an older version to the newer version, you will have to block the sender again.

Steps to Block sender in Yahoo email:

You can only block 1000 senders. You must create filters to sort and organize incoming emails.

login to yahoo mail

    • Click on the gear icon and choose Settings.

Click on the gear icon and choose settings

    • Click on “Filters

Click on “Filters”

    • Click “Add

Click Add

    • Provide a filter name.
    • Enter the filter criteria.
    • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete it.
    • Press the “Save” button to finish.

Provide a filter name

To block an email address follows the steps below:

    • Log on to the Yahoo account and click on the gear

Log on to the Yahoo account

    • Select settings.

Select settings

    • Click on “Blocked Addresses

Click on Blocked Addresses

    • Enter an email address in the “Add an address” field.

Enter email address in Add an address

    • Click block and then save.

Click block and save button

Make sure that you don’t give access to unknown third-party applications and games. Revoke the access if you aren’t sure. It might be possible that someone has the access to your Yahoo account and the moment you block any sender, someone immediately removes it from the blocked address field. You must change the password right away and update the recovery option so that no one can sneak into your Yahoo account.

Although Yahoo has stopped supporting security question disable it immediately if you still see them. Switch to the other mode of recovery options such as recovery mobile device or email address. Never leave your Yahoo email address in the discussion forums as spammers usually steal the email address from forums and start spamming.

If you are still getting emails from a blocked sender then don’t wait for the Christmas, call immediately our certified Yahoo technicians on our toll-free Yahoo customer support and service phone number and get the instant resolution of the issues related to your Yahoo account.

How to Stop Receiving Email from Blocked Email Address in Yahoo

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