Have you deleted emails accidentally? Or are you unable to find out the missing emails in your Windows Live Mail? If the answer is yes to an extent then, consider yourself lucky and thank us later. You are at the very right place, here you will see how to recover the deleted or missing emails in Windows Live Mail. Keep following this small article until the end.

 Recover Deleted Emails in Windows Live Mail

If you are unable to find out the missing emails or deleted emails, then restoration is the only option for you. You will have to restore a previous version to recover deleted emails. All you need to do is to choose the latest date and the time when you last saw them into your account.  Follow the steps below to do the same.

Steps to Recover Deleted Emails in Windows Live Mail:

    • Open my computer or this pc.


    • Go to the C: or A: drive or where the operating system has been installed.


    • Click on users and double click on your user account.


    • Get inside AppData then Local followed by Microsoft.


    • Scroll down and find Windows Live Mail.


    • Right-click on Windows Live Mail and then choose to restore the previous version.


    • The moment you press the restore button, it will start searching the items and initiate the recovery process


    • It may take several minutes to recover the missing or deleted items depending on the network connections and the system’s configuration. Make sure that you don’t perform any other task while the recovery process is running.


    • Once the process is completed follow the on-screen instruction and restart the system. You will see all the deleted emails right there in your inbox.


There are some third-party programs also available in the market. They claim that they will help you recover the entire missing or deleted emails. You should only choose the reputed one as usually these programs can harm your system or may lead to the malfunction of the Windows Live Mail client.  Don’t install programs from the internet or unknown sources as programs on these portals are usually infected with the malware and manage to steal the sensitive information without your prior knowledge. Once they gather the information, they can transfer it to the remote location secretly.

For any kind of technical help or suggestion related to your Windows Live Mail account, contact our certified agents on our toll-free helpline phone number and get instant support for recovering deleted emails in Windows Live Mail Account.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Windows Live Mail

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