It becomes quite annoying and frustrating when you are not able to recover missing emails in your inbox of Windows Live Mail. Although Windows Live Mail is famous for its uncluttered and friendly interface and functionality, it is also known for its issue which causes a user to lose any or all the email folder of his/her Windows Live Mail account. Many Windows Live Mail users have reported about their some of all folders in their account missing after performing a Windows Live Mail update or a simple Windows update or also after deleting anyone email folder from their account.

Recover Missing Emails Windows Live Mail

If you are also a victim of this issue and looking for a solution to retrieve your lost emails, luckily, there are a couple of ways that can help you get back your missing emails from Windows Live Mail account. Below are three different ways to effectively recover your lost emails in Windows Live Mail.

Steps to Recover Missing Emails From Inbox of Windows Live Mail:

Method 1: Recover Missing Emails using Compact View

    • 1.) Go to Windows Live Mail program and click on


    • option in the Taskbar. Select

Compact view

    • option. This will collapse all the folders and a green color icon in the shape of Plus will be visible under them.

2.) Now, you will just need to select the lost emails or folders that you want to retrieve by selecting the checkbox located next to them. Click the OK button once you are done.

3.) Finally, click on the View tab and then click on Compact View.

Method 2: Recover Emails That Were Lost with the help of Import Feature

    • 1.) Hold Windows Key and then press R key. A small window will appear.

2.) Enter %appdata% in the box and click OK button. A new window will open.

3.) In this window, you will be able to find all your email folders. Simply copy everything and create a new folder on your desktop. Give it a name like backup live mail or something like that. This is going to be your backup folder.

4.) Now, open your Windows Live Mail account and open the File menu option located on the top left corner of the Windows Live Mail screen.

5.) Click on Import messages option in the File. Make sure you select the same file format in which you saved your Windows Live Mail backup.

6.) In case you are restoring from the backup then select the Windows Live Mail option and click on the Next button. Then, click on Browse and locate the folder in which you stored the backup. Select the backup folder and click on Next.

7.) Wait until the restoration process gets completed.

8.) Finally, click on the Finish button. You can now find all the folders you restored under the left column under Storage folders.

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How To Recover Missing Emails From Inbox of Windows Live Mail?

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  • April 8, 2020 at 2:05 am

    Losing emails when transfer from inbox to personal folder. When I find the path at the end it says Sasktel 846 inbox. I don’t have a clue what that means. I go back to the inbox and there is nothing there.
    Where are my emails going?


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