Filters or junk filters are the permeable membranes that allow only selective emails to get into the inbox. Although Windows Live Mail has strict filters spam or junk email manage their way to the inbox. You can either enhance the level or educate the filter to stop or bypass selective emails accordingly.

Set Filter Check on Junk Emails in Windows Live Mail

Follow the Steps to Set Filter in Windows Live Mail:

    • Open Windows Live Mail


    • Choose Actions followed by Junk E-Mail


    • Select Safety


    • Now, make the desired selection here. There would be a couple of security levels.


    • Choose High: Most junk e-mail is caught, but some regular mail may be caught as well. Check your Junk email folder often.


    • Check the box accordingly. It is recommended that you report the junk email to Microsoft and its partners.


    • Selecting permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it into the Junk E-mail folder can also delete some of the legitimate emails and you won’t be able to acknowledge it.


    • Click OK.


    • You have successfully set the filter check.


If you still are getting the spam or junk emails into the inbox, then educate the filters to perform the advanced task. The moment you get irrelevant emails, mark it as spam or junk. Doing the same repeatedly will allow recognizing junk content. Eventually, it will automatically forward the same into the junk folder.

If might also be possible that you get the legitimate email into the junk folder. Mark as not junk or not spam, as a result; in the future, you won’t get the same into the junk folder. It will directly make the way to the inbox. If the trick doesn’t work then, add the sender’s email address to the safe sender’s list.

If you are getting junk content repeatedly, then you must block the sender. Click the Blocked Senders tab and enter the email address of the senders you wish to block. The particular sender won’t be able to send you junk content in the future.

If in the case, you are unable to set the filter correctly call our certified technicians on our windows live mail toll-free helpline number and get the instant support along with the prompt resolution.

How to Set Filter Check on Junk Emails in Windows Live Mail

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