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Windows Live Mail is an essential part of your email needs and it is included with the Windows 7 operating system. If your system doesn’t have Windows 7 then you won’t be able to use Windows Live Mail Account however, you can switch to other email platforms though.

On the other hand, remember that some of the email providers have already switched to the different protocols as a result; these providers may not work anymore with the Windows Live Mail. You can access multiple email accounts at a single place with the help of the Windows Live Mail.

Follow the steps to set up Windows Live Mail account

    • Press the Start button on your Windows 7 computer.


    • In the search box type mail then, when the search results appear, choose Windows Live Mail.


    • On the left-hand side, select Mail.


    • Choose the Accounts and then Email.


    • You must type your email address, password and the display name here and press “Next


    • Select POP3 from the drop-down


    • Enter the incoming mail server details. Which is usually like


    • Check the box “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”


    • Set the incoming server port as 995


    • Make sure that “Clear Text Authentication” is selected from the drop-down menu.


    • Provide the username and password of the email again.


    • Type the outgoing mail server which is usually like


    • Check the box “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” and ensure that the Outgoing server port is set to 587


    • Check the box as “My outgoing server requires authentication


    • Once finished then press the next


If you are unable to configure Windows Live Mail account, then you must try some of the basic troubleshooting skills. Check your email account is working fine outside Windows Live Mail. You must install the latest version of the Windows Live Mail. Always update the operating system regularly. If your antivirus or firewall restricts the traffic then disable them for a time being. For server and port settings, you must head back to the email service provider’s website. You must configure exactly the same as your email provider recommends.

If you are unable to setup Windows Live Mail account, then you are most welcomed to have a word with our certified technicians on our Windows live mail customer care toll-free phone number for the quick support along with the prompt resolution.

How to Setup Windows Live Mail Account in Windows 7

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