With the advancement in wireless technology, Epson introduced a series of great wireless printer range that are considered useful and efficient for both home and office use. While configuring a wireless Epson Printer to Wi-Fi is quite easy, but sometimes certain factors such us OS update, or Wi-Fi network may make it difficult for a user to share Epson printer over a Wi-Fi network. Below are the steps to share your Epson printer over a Wi-Fi network easily and quickly.

share epson printer over wi-fi

Ways to Share Epson Printer over a Wi-Fi Network

Windows Tools to Share Epson Printer

1.) Go to the Printers and Scanners menu under Control Panel on your computer. Locate the Epson printer in the list displayed on the right-hand side of the window.

2.) Now, simply left-click on the name of your Epson Printer and select the Manage option to get to the Printer Properties.

3.) Next, click on the Sharing tab under Printer Properties and select the checkbox next to the option Share This Printer. Give a title to your Share Printer in the field box next to Share name. Click on the Apply and then on the OK button.

4.) You should also note that the default settings only let people access the newly shared printer if they have username and password of the host computer. Moreover, once can access the printer only when the host computer is active and not in sleep mode.

5.) You can change this setting by going to the Network and Sharing menu and selecting the Change advanced sharing settings located on the left side of the window. Under this tab, expand the menu of All Networks and select the option Turn Off Password-protected Sharing under Password Protected Sharing sub-menu.

Note: It is suggested to deactivate this feature when you are not using a reliable network. This is because activation of this feature will make your security vulnerable.

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How to Share the Epson Printer over Wi-Fi?

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