It seems printer and paper jam goes hand in hand. If you are working with any printer, consider that it inevitable that you will encounter a paper jamming issue. No matter the printer brand you buy, a paper jam is a common issue experienced by almost every user.

So, don’t think that your Epson printer is the only brand causing you trouble. The reason behind the paper jamming issue in your Epson printer can be from just one to multiple. The causes can be on your end and your printer’s end as well. In order to fix this issue, the following is a guide for getting rid of papers that have gotten stuck in multiple places of your printer.

Solve Paper Jamming Issue In Epson Printer

5 Steps to Fix Paper Jamming Issue in Epson Printer

  1. Firstly, it is suggested to switch off your computer and press the paper button to drive out the jammed paper.
  2. If there are torn pieces of paper in the printer, open the printer cover and clear all the jammed pieces.
  3. Now, reload the paper into the sheet feeder and press the paper button. Try printing now and check whether the issue is resolved.
  4. In case you are unable to remove paper pieces and other foreign objects by yourself, it is recommended to call the Epson customer support for assistance.
  5. Moreover, if you are facing the paper jamming issue in your Epson Printer frequently:
    • Make sure that the papers you are feeding are smooth, wrinkle-free and not curled.
    • Make sure that the papers are of high quality and are fed with printable side up.
    • Remember to clear the paper stack thoroughly before loading the papers.
    • Also, make sure that the numbers of papers are not exceeding the limit.
    • Always keep your printer on a flat and stable surface. Your printer might not work well if stationed on a tilted or unstable surface.

After following these tips and steps, if you are still facing a paper jam issue, then it could be some internal problem that may require you to call an expert.

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How To Solve Paper Jamming Issue In Epson Printer?

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