Does your Canon printer show a print spooler service not running error? The print spooler is a feature in Windows computer that help in the interaction between printer and connected system. This feature mainly organizes the print jobs in a queue (remember you don’t wait for one command to finish before giving others, you just give all the print commands at once. This facility is due to the print spooler feature.) So, if you see the above-mentioned error, it means the spooler has been corrupted.

fix Spooler Error Canon Printer

The problem you face when Canon Print Spooler doesn’t work

You will see a tray-like icon at the bottom right corner of your Windows screen showing a ‘printing’ message. However, you will not get anything printed from the printer.


Make changes in Print Spooler Properties with the following steps:

This method will work on all Windows versions from Windows XP onwards

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and scroll down to find Print Spooler program.
  • Double-click the program to open a dialog box. Click ‘Stop’ and then ‘Start’ button on the General tab.
  • In the General tab only find ‘Startup type’ option and open the drop-down in front of it. Make sure ‘Automatic’ is selected. This ensures that the spooler doesn’t miss any print command. Press ‘Apply’ to save changes.
  • Click on the ‘Recovery’ tab. This determines how the spooler will handle its own issues itself. Make the following changes.
    • The first failure – Restart the Service
    • The second failure – Restart the Service
    • Subsequent failures – Take No Action
    • Reset fail count after – 1 day
    • Restart service after – 1 minute
  • Now click the ‘Log On’ tab. Uncheck the box next to ‘Allow service to interact with desktop.’ Click ‘Apply.’
  • Now close all the windows and restart your system.
  • Try printing. If you can, then you are sorted. If not, move to the next step.
  • Go back to Print Spooler properties window. Click on the ‘Dependencies’ tab. You will some components listed under ‘This service depends on the following system components.’ Do the following for all components:
  • Go back to Services windows by following the first step of the process.
  • Search for the name of the components you just saw in ‘Dependencies’ tab.
  • Make sure that the ‘Status’ field have the word Started and the ‘Startup Type’ is selected as Automatic. Start and Stop the services if they don’t have these values. This will reset the values.

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How to Fix Spooler Error in Canon Printer

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