Syncing your Yahoo account with your iPhone will give you quick access on the go. Once the synchronization is done, changes are automatically updated on your multiple devices. Sync Yahoo mail account with the iPhone using the Yahoo credentials may take several minutes for the synced information to expose.

Sync Yahoo Mail Account with Iphone

Follow Steps to Sync Yahoo mail Account with iPhone:

    • Unlock your iPhone and tap Settings.


    • Tap either contacts or calendar.


    • Tap Add Account.


    • Tap Yahoo.


    • Type your complete Yahoo address and tap Next.


    • Enter the Yahoo password and tap sign-in.


    • Toggle the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars to enable and tap save.


    • Congratulation! You have successfully synced your Yahoo account.


If the information isn’t updated, which means there is a problem in synchronization. You must fix the issues first. Try to delete and re-add the account. If it doesn’t work, then follow the steps below.

    1. Make sure that your Yahoo account is working perfectly fine outside any third-party email client.


      • Open a browser of your choice.


      • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail Account.


      • Send an email to your own Yahoo address.


      • If you get the email within 4-5 minutes, then your Yahoo account is working fine.


    1. Update the operating system:


      • Make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the iOS.


      • Connect to a Wi-Fi


      • Tap Setting, followed by General.


      • Tap Software Update.


      • Install the latest version of the iOS


    1. Add Yahoo Mail to iPhone with IMAP.


      • Delete the Yahoo account from the iOS Mail.


      • Configure it manually with the help of the Yahoo IMAP account settings.


    1. Try with the Yahoo Mail App: You can also install the Yahoo app from the App Store. It will help you synchronize the Yahoo account properly.


  • Remove all Yahoo account and start from the beginning: If none of the above works, then go ahead and delete all the Yahoo accounts from your iPhone and start from the beginning.




  • Reset Factory Settings: If in the case, your iPhone isn’t able to synchronize properly with the Yahoo account then, it might be possible that there is something wrong with the device. Format your iPhone and start from the beginning. Don’t forget to take a backup before you actually start formatting your iPhone. If you aren’t sure then it could be a recipe for disaster.



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How to Sync Yahoo Mail Account with Iphone

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