fix Epson Printer Peripherals issue

Hardware and software are the two essential components which make any device. Some hardware components are essential while others are not so important. In fact, the importance of these components depends upon user’s requirement. They just add an additional functionality (like webcam) to the device. Such devices are called peripherals. However, Epson Printer peripherals are a little different in terms of importance. They are essential for printer to run. So printer peripherals are printer hardware or parts of printers. Cartridge, connection cable, print heads, paper tray, paper rollers are some important hardware parts of a printer.

Steps to Fix Epson Printer Peripherals Issue:

Here we will be concentrating on these hardware parts, issues they cause and possible solution in context with Epson Printer.

It is always recommended to do hardware testing before software testing. So, let’s see what you need to do:

  • Check both power cable and data cable connecting your printer and computer.
  • Check proper paper loading.
  • Check that the printer power indication light is ON.
  • If the printer has any issue, it is indicated by red or orange flash lights.
  • Run a self test. See the instruction in user manual. A self test prints a basic info page about printer working. If the self test is not successful, contact printer manufacturer to look into the issue.

Now you know how to do a hardware testing. Let’s move on to some major hardware/peripheral issues of Epson printer.

Paper Pickup Roller Issue

If the paper pickup roller is looking shiny and has lost its friction, it will not pick up paper properly. It needs to be replaced.

Paper Jam Issue

Printer driver software alerts about the paper jamming issue. You can investigate the paper jam by opening the inspection cover. If you have laser printer, take care as some parts can be really hot. Unlock the parts where paper is stuck and remove it gently.

Low/Empty Toner Issue

Low ink messages are for the time when toner needs to be replaced. However, a few pages can be printed before actually replacing the toner. Take the cartridge out and shake it side-by-side to print a few more pages. But the actual issue is when you have installed a new cartridge and the low ink error still continues. It means the printer hasn’t recognized the cartridge. To fix this:

  • Make sure the Epson printer is power ON when you install cartridge.
  • Ensure that the cartridge chip and printer contact pin is clean.
  • Re-install the cartridge properly.

Contact Epson Printer customer support helpline phone number to solve printer peripheral issues.

Having Trouble with Epson Printer Peripherals?

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