common Canon Printer Problems

The importance of printers in the digital world cannot be understated even if the digital age focuses on creating a paperless world. We have become so used to hardcopies that we prefer to keep our important documents in hard copies. The other reason can be technical issues of online storage spaces.

We cannot get 100% secure about the files we have saved online. There are file corruption, server down, server crash, traffic load and other hindrances due to which instant access to important documents is not possible all the times. For the situations of emergency, we keep hard copies. And, till these problems exist, the need of printers will exist.

Troubleshoot Most Common Canon Printer Problems:

However, the irony here is printers themselves are not intact from problems. So, here is an attempt to target some common printer issues and their solutions in reference with Canon printers.

Problem 1: Printer not printing.

It is the most common problem. Printer doesn’t show any error message but doesn’t print either.


• Check the printer connection via Ethernet cable, USB or Wi-Fi. Please ensure that the printer is connected to right network.
• Check printer drivers; re-install them if they are corrupted.
• If these don’t work, consult user manual or technical expert.

Problem 2: Low Ink Warning


Most printers nowadays give ‘low ink warning’ but this doesn’t mean to replace the cartridge immediately. You only have to be prepared for the replacement.
• Print until the quality become low and then replace the cartridge.

Problem 3: Printer is too slow


• Printer speed can be boosted by switching to draft mode. However, go for this option only when print quality is not a priority.
• Avoid double sided-printing.

Problem 4: Low quality printed text


• Switch off draft mode.
• Make sure the paper type you are using matches with the one set on-screen.
• With laser printers, take out the cartridge and shake it side to side before re-placing. The toner sometimes subside, this will solve the issue.
• With inkjet printers, clean the nozzle and align the print head.

Problem 5: Printer Jamming. This is another common issue with printers.


• Make sure paper is aligned properly.
• Properly square the stack of paper and don’t over-fill the tray.

Don’t see your issue here? Contact Canon Printer Customer Support Service to talk with certified professionals. Share your problem over toll-free number and get instant solutions.

How to Troubleshoot Most Common Canon Printer Problems?

2 thoughts on “How to Troubleshoot Most Common Canon Printer Problems?

  • July 24, 2017 at 8:05 am

    Could you please solve the problems of printer drivers? I have recently updated my windows to windows 10 and the drivers are not working properly.

  • March 22, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    B200 Printer needs repair sign. Printer not used for a couple of months on vacation and worked fine before Ieft. Printer in an Mg 5520 Canon.


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