Windows Live Mail is a free email client from Microsoft. It is a successor to Outlook Express with key benefits and new features such as setting up multiple accounts, the ability to place all email accounts in one place, webmail, and enhanced security, etc.

Troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Account

If you are unable to send or receive an email with Windows Live Mail then you must troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Account with the help of some of the basic tips and tricks. If you are new to the Windows Live Mail then let’s get started with how you can install and configure it. All you need is a computer which is connected to a stable and fast network.

Steps to Troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Account:

    • Open Internet Explorer or any web browser of your choice.



    • In the search box type, Windows Live Essentials and click on the search


    • From the list click on Windows EssentialsDownload Windows Live Essentials


    • Scroll down the page and click on “Learn More” under the “Other Program


    • Press the “Download Now” button


    • Save the file or run it directly.


    • You may be asked to download and install Windows updates simultaneously.


    • Click on “Install all of Windows Essentials


    • Follow the on-screen instructions and Windows Live Mail can be found in the Start Menu.


It might be possible that either you have configured your system not to download any Windows Updates or your antivirus is doing the same. Make sure that your system is able to update the Windows smoothly otherwise Windows Live Mail won’t work properly.

If you have recently upgraded from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail then you will have to reconfigure the account settings such as POP3 as well as the IMAP. If somehow the POP account doesn’t work immediately try reconfiguring it with the IMAP. Some of the ports have been updated as instead of 25, try with 587 for SMTP. On the other hand, for the incoming mail server, you may try 995 instead of 995. It is recommended that you confirm the account settings from your email provider. Incorrect account settings in the Windows Live Mail can lead to the malfunction.

If you don’t remember the password there are some free applications available that can easily extract the password from the Windows Live Mail. You must always use the latest version of the Windows Live Mail. You must have an active and stable internet connection.

If the problem still persists, then don’t hesitate to call our certified technicians on our toll-free Windows live mail customer service phone number and get instant support to your Windows Live Mail issues.

How to Troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Account

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