Are you bored of the same old school Yahoo Mail? It’s the time to update the theme in your same old school Yahoo Mail account. Yahoo gives you ample of options to customize the interface. You can go ahead and choose thumbnails available inside settings and make it as a background theme in your Yahoo email account which will certainly give it a more personal look.

Update Background Theme Yahoo Email Account

Steps to Change or Update Theme in Yahoo Email Account:


to Yahoo account

    • Click on the gear and then click on Themes


click on gear and themes

    • Select the desired theme and the layout light, medium or dark, and then click Done


Select the desired theme

    • You have successfully updated the theme in your Yahoo Mail account.


Remember, preview theme options aren’t available in the new Yahoo Mail. At present, it only changes the color and layout. For more customized options for a time being you stick to the classic version of the Yahoo Mail. On the other hand, ads can mess up the experience as it covers the maximum area of your Yahoo Mail screen. You can either switch to Yahoo Mail pro or use an ad-blocker to enhance the experience of the themes.

At present, you can’t choose any of the customized images as a theme, unlike other email providers. It might be possible that Yahoo is currently working on the same and may introduce it in the near future.  Make sure that you are using the full-featured version of the Yahoo Mail as this feature isn’t available in the classic version of the Yahoo Mail. You must have a fast and active connection as slow internet speed will forcefully redirect you to the classic version of the Yahoo Mail. You must use the latest version of the internet explorer as Yahoo Mail is completely based on the web-browsers. Clear the cookies, cache and the browsing history of the browser if you don’t see any thumbnails related to the themes.

Make sure that your antivirus and firewall don’t conflict Yahoo communicating with its servers. You may have to disable them for a shorter period of time. Disable any recently added add-ons and browser extensions if you are in doubt.

For any other assistance related to the themes of your Yahoo account, call our certified Yahoo customer care executives on the toll-free phone number and get instant support along with the prompt resolution.

How to Update Background Theme in Yahoo Email Account

One thought on “How to Update Background Theme in Yahoo Email Account

  • January 29, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    It is still impossible since day 1 to have different yahoo email accounts with each a different background. That would be useful while working with 2 accounts. Is that so difficult to accomplish for yahoo ?


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