Every electronic device has one or the other technical issue. One of the most troublesome devices is printer. Printers have a lot of issues from low-quality print, jamming, connection problem to slow-speed printing. Some of the issues are technical but others are due to low or no maintenance. If you maintain your printer on a regular basis, you will not face the issues arising due to negligence in Epson printer maintenance. Here are some tips (in reference to the Epson printer) to help you in carrying out the regular maintenance drive. Read and follow them to ensure clean printing.

Tips for Epson Printer Maintenance

Safety first

Before you start your Epson printer maintenance drive, make sure the power is not on. Keep your hands away from the moving and hot parts inside the printer. This will ensure the safety of the printer and you.

Clean Epson printer heads for fine printing

You have replaced the cartridge recently but you are getting a missing ink issue (the print document has white striking lines.) This is because the printer’s head is clogged; it’s time to clean. Read the manual and follow the manufacturer’s guide for your printer model. Many printers self-clean the heads in just a few clicks. Just make sure not to overdo the cleaning.

Remove debris

When you see ink streaks on the printed documents, take time out for removing toner debris and other dust particles. These are often the reason for printer jamming. A small vacuum cleaner will work fine for removing such dust particles. You can clean the ink cartridges with purified water and cotton swabs; read the printer manual before moving ahead.

Be careful while resolving any issue

Let’s say the paper gets stuck in the printer and you just yank it out. It will resolve the issue for time being but will lead to more issues in the future. Pulling the paper with force damage the internal parts of the printer as some paper might get stuck behind. So, whenever you find yourself in such a situation, keep calm and refer to the printer guide. You will find the best fix for the paper jamming issue in your model. In order to prevent jams make sure that the tray is not over-filled, the paper is not torn or stuck together.

Get an Epson printer maintenance kit

Spend some money on a printer maintenance kit to extend your printer’s life. Ask your printer’s manufacturer to provide the kit. The kit may include a variety of products from changeable printer parts to cleaning supplies.

These printer maintenance tips will not remove the issues completely but they will surely reduce the frequency of these problems. If you have any major technical issues with your printers, contact Epson printer customer care at toll-free number.

Useful Tips for Epson Printer Maintenance

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