yahoo temp error 19

Yahoo email error 19 is a temporary error that often surfaces on your computer screen, thus causing some interruptions. Usually, temporary errors in Yahoo stay from a few seconds to several minutes. In some cases, it can last up to 30 minutes before correcting themselves automatically. And this Yahoo Mail temporary error 19 is no exception.

When error 19 in your Yahoo Mail account appears, it may also say that your account is temporarily locked. You need to sign out of all your devices and browsers and just wait. Repeated attempts to access your Yahoo account may prolong the lock period.

What Happens When Yahoo Email Error 19 Appears?

How harmful is this Yahoo Mail temp error 19? Will it permanently stop you from accessing your account?

“Your account is temporarily locked, sign out of all browsers and devices and wait for at least 30 minutes. Repeated attempts to access your account while it’s locked will prolong the lock period” –you will see this message when the error occurs. So, it seems the error will last for a few minutes. Ever wondered why you are getting this error? If you don’t want to wait for your mail to behave normally while replying to an important client, you need to remember these points.

  • When you share your Wi-Fi with others.
  • When you receive a high amount of emails at once or send bulk emails to people.
  • When you use a third-party application or software program to access your Yahoo Mail account.
  • When you are using Yahoo without enabling your browser to accept cookies.
  • When you experience high unusual high activity either on your IP address or any mobile device and computer to specific Yahoo pages.
  • Viruses or malware stop you from accessing your account by changing your system settings.

5 Proven Methods to Fix Yahoo Email Error 19

Let us walk you through the following steps to get rid of the temporary error.

  1. Enable or Set Your Favorite Web Browser to Accept Cookies: Cookies are important. They are small bits of information and allow users quicker access to websites. When you are accessing Yahoo, enable your browser to accept cookies. If you are using Yahoo in Firefox, this is how you are going to enable cookies –
  • Open your web browser and click the menu button (in the top right-hand corner).
  • Now, click the “Options” menu, just above “Customize”.
  • Select the “Privacy& Security” option. You will go to the Privacy settings page where you need to choose cookie settings – Standard, Strict, and Custom.
  • Consider changing your history settings as well.
  • Now, close the “Options” tab.


To enable cookies in Chrome –

  • Open Chrome and click on the “More” option (top right).
  • Press the “Settings” tab and click “Site Settings” (under “Privacy and security”).
  • Click “Cookies” and turn on cookies (Turn on the switch next to “Blocked”).
  1. Remove Spyware, Viruses, Pop-Ups, and Adware: Think that your computer is infected with a virus? You need to remove it immediately. Keep in mind that malware, unlike other software, cannot completely be removed by using the add/remove programs (your OS’s feature). Some bits of malware still remain hiding on your hard drive. You have to use specifically designed software to find and delete it.
  2. Always Use Yahoo on Supported Browsers: Do you know Yahoo works perfectly fine with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge? When you are using one of these to access Yahoo, make sure you are using the newest versions. Keep updating for the current versions.
  3. Use Yahoo on Different Device: If you continue to encounter the error 19 in your Yahoo Email, use Yahoo on a different Internet connection and on a different computer.
  4. Protect Your Wi-Fi with Password: Is someone else using your Internet connection? It can be a threat to your online presence. So, you have to make sure that no one else is using your W-Fi connection. Protect it with a password.

Contact Yahoo Customer Support for technical help if the temporary error code is still there.

Why Are You Getting Yahoo Email Error 19 – 5 Ways to Fix

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