The attachment feature is an integral part of an email. It becomes frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. The problem we are focusing on today is related to the Yahoo mail attachment. The description of the problem is provided below.

yahoo mail attachment issue

Steps To Fix Yahoo Mail Attachment Problem

The user is unable to attach a file in his Yahoo mail and cannot even open the attachment received in the email.


Here are different tips from different tech forums. Some of them worked for some users while others worked for other users. So, you need to try which works for you.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer to access Yahoo, switch your browser. Yahoo doesn’t include IE in its supported browser list so some features might not work properly.
  • Sign out from your Yahoo! Mail and sign in again. From the gear icon drop-down at the top right, select ‘Settings.’ See if the first option ‘Viewing Email’ is selected. Scroll down and click the radio button in front of ‘Basic’ under Mail version heading. Click on ‘Save.’ You can switch back to the standard version by clicking the link at the top right side.
  • Another common issue is the Anti-virus conflict. Yahoo uses Norton to scan emails and files attached therein. If your system has any other anti-virus program, it will create a conflict. So, disable your system’s anti-virus temporarily and try attaching or downloading files from Yahoo mail.
  • Go to your web browser settings and clear all cookies, current log-ins and web history. Close the web browser and re-open it to access Yahoo mail and see if the attachment issue is resolved.
  • Attachment of files also fails due to their large size as Yahoo allows up to 25MB of the file as an attachment. If your file size is larger than this, either divide the file into two or use free file sharing portals such as Dropbox.
  • Also makes sure that the attachment file name does not contain any special characters such as hashtag, underscore, dot, etc.
  • Sometimes the attachment doesn’t work through the paper clip icon. In such a case, just drag and drop the file in the message box to quickly attach it to the mail.

You can try all the suggestions to resolve your issue or can directly dial the toll-free number to talk with experts. Our Yahoo mail customer support service will offer you an instant solution to your problem. We offer 24 hours service so that you don’t have to wait even for a minute.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Attachment Issue

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