The moment your click a button or link and nothing happens for an unusually long time, your browser is hanging or freezing; this is really an annoying situation for Yahoo users when they are about to get some important mail, but they are getting just a blank screen and just only wondering Why is Yahoo mail slow and taking forever to load?

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What are the reasons behind Yahoo mail slow server response and how to fix it?

We have solution with this quick guide to fix the Slow Yahoo mail issue instantly.

  • Run a network connection test

When you are using an internet connect or mobile network for using your Yahoo mail account; the anonymous change in the network speed will kill your Yahoo page upload or download speed. It is really annoying when you want to send some important mail and the Yahoo page is not loading properly. Actually, the reason could be because of your internet connection or ISP. You need to run a network test; this will test your connection to the internet and will give you a clear picture of connection. If needed, you can contact your ISP for solution

  • Check your system resources

When you are using your Yahoo mail account and along this so many application or activities are going then chance are that Yahoo page will take more time to load. You just need to use the Task Manager or Activity Monitor to check as how many programs or applications are running in the background. If you find something useless or less priority then stop it immediately, in order to get Yahoo page load quickly

  • Update your browser

This is a common issue with internet users that they are using the older browser without updating it. The frequent updates for your browser are always helpful to use the latest method and appearance to load quickly. Most of the times; older browsers don’t support newer web technologies and have security loopholes in them; so you need to update them timely. In fact, whenever you get any new update notification for your web browser; simply update it

  • Delete temporary internet files

The constant use internet browser will collect lost of browsing history, caches and cookies. This helps you to get your favorite for frequent visit pages load quickly; but for a small period of time. Later, it creates problems for you. We always recommend to clearing your cache to improve your browser’s performance and experience. In fact, whenever time allows, simply delete all the temporary files of your computer.

If you are a Yahoo mail account user and you’re facing issues like Yahoo mail down, slow Yahoo mail, Yahoo mail unresponsive behavior and Yahoo mail slow server response then you can follow these steps to speed up your Yahoo mail account or you can call Yahoo customer support team for fixing these issues.

Why Yahoo Mail is So Slow? Or Yahoo Mail Down

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  • December 23, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    These are just general maintenance advices, not specific yahoo tips. Of course all the other sites are working just fine, resources are ok, cookies and cache are deleted. What’s next?

    • March 25, 2020 at 9:01 pm

      I cannot delete emails on and I cannot send emails on


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