Unable to sign in into Yahoo? You have to do really important things but suddenly you find out that you can’t sign-in into your Yahoo account. There can be numerous reasons for Yahoo sign in problem. Let’s get you back in!

 Fix Yahoo Sign in Problem

Steps to Fix Yahoo Sign-in or Login Problems:

Forgot password or Yahoo id:

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If you don’t remember either the password or the Yahoo id then go ahead and use the Yahoo sign-in helper to get back into your account. Visit https://login.yahoo.com/forgot? And follow the on-screen instructions to regain the password or the Yahoo id.


If you use any auto form fill, then you can regain the password as your browser remembers it.

Invalid id or password:

If you think that the Yahoo ID or password you entered is wrong then you better reset it or check the following:

  • Check Numerical lock or Caps lock keys and enter the credentials accordingly.
  • Try to sign-in with a different internet browser.
  • If might be possible that someone has changed the password. Immediately recover the account.

Account locked:

If there are multiple unsuccessful sign-in attempts then your Yahoo account will be blocked. However, it will be unblocked automatically after 12 hours. Attentively, you can always recover the account instantly if you have access to the recovery options.

Yahoo Sign-in screen reloads:

If the Yahoo sign-in screen keeps reappearing after you press the Sign-in button then you will have to reset the sign-in cookie.

  • Click Not you? On the Yahoo sign-in page.
  • Now provide your credentials and press the sign-in button. If none of the above works, then try the following.
  • Clear the cookies, cache and the browsing data of the browser.
  • Close the browser and re-open

Someone else is using your account:

If your Yahoo account has been compromised and you are unable to change the password, then use the Yahoo login helper to regain access to the account. Once you regain access then choose a very strong password.

Update the account recovery options:

Make sure that the recovery options are updated and you have the access to it. If in the case, you don’t have the access to the recovery options then update the new one immediately.

If the problem still continues to be there, then call our certified Yahoo technicians on our Yahoo customer care toll-free helpline number and get instant solution for Yahoo Sign-in Problem.

How to Fix Yahoo Can’t Sign in or Login Redirect Problem?

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    changed number and cant access my email account its asking for 2 digits from the last number


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